A Nationally known Entrepreneur and Speaker, Ramona Taylor can effectively deliver a motivational and inspiring speech to your group or organization.  With numerous speaking engagements to her credit, Ramona is frequently called upon to serve as a conference presenter or keynote speaker for women, teen groups, churches and professional organizations.  Her audiences include: corporate executives and staff, single parents, professional women,  youth and women’s groups.  Some of the topics Ramona often speak or present on include:

  • Getting Back to Me: My Identity
  • Turning your Passion into Profit

    Ramona's Speaker Sheet

    Ramona’s Speaker Sheet

  • From Failure to Fortune
  • Dare to Dream!
  • Singleness to Wholeness
  • How to Prepare for Success Today
  • Wholeness: Taking Care of the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
  • Time Management
  • How to Provide Effective Customer Service
  • Entrepreneur Marketing: Low Budget Marketing
  • Recognizing Quality Talent Within Your Current Human Capital
  • The Real Truth About Entrepreneurship: How to Balance A Home and Business
  • How to Recognize My Talent: Steps to Achieve Your Business and Personal  Goals
  • Professional Women Need Coaching, too!


 Teens/College Students

  • Getting to Know Me: Understanding My Identity
  • Career Choices: Academics to Workforce


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