Ramona Taylor is an Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, Author, Christian Counselor, Visionary, Trainer, Inspirational Life Coach and Speaker. Most of all Ms. Taylor prides herself on honesty and integrity. Ramona has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Administration, Master of Science in Management, a Certified Christian Counselor, and Leadership Coach.

“Served over 2000 SINGLE MOTHERS and still serving!”

Ramona is the owner of Abundant Staffing Agency, LLC providing human resources staffing, employment readiness and professional development training to corporations, community organizations and religious affiliations. Ramona has several years of event planning, where she has assisted in the planning of the largest military career fair in Virginia and other career fair events within the community and various organizations. Ramona has over twenty years of human resource, recruiting, training and development experience.  To successfully equip adults at the challenged level to return to the workforce; Ms. Taylor has written several employment readiness manuals. Ms. Taylor is currently an online professor at Hampton University, where she provides instruction for the following courses: Human Resources Management, Business Policy and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Ramona is also the founder of S2AS (Single, Saved, Anointed Servant) Ministries: A ministry for single parents and children of single parents. She has over ten years experience working with singles and single parents.  She is available to assist in setting up your single parent ministry and facilitating workshops for singles in a religious or community environment. Since 2004, Ramona has trained, equipped, and ministered to over “2000 single mothers” and a host of other women and men. S2AS (Single, Saved, Anointed Servant) Ministries is now Ramona Taylor Ministries.

Through Ramona’s passion to help the community, she provides administrative organization, human resources, and homelessness prevention training to churches and not-for-profit organizations.

Ramona truly believes in a strong family can make a difference in a persons’ life. She is the proud parent of one daughter, Susan who is an aspiring actress, and one goddaughter Mischelle, Air Force Veteran.  She has two loving parents, whom lead the family through spiritual and parental guidance daily.  With seven brothers and sisters and a host of nieces and nephews, the family remains very close.